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Medication Safety Resources for Your Patients

For those providers prescribing opioids and other pain management medications, PainACTION.com has made available 14 medication safety handouts you can print and share with your patients.  These ACTIONSteps are concise, single-sheet handouts to help you teach your patients about managing their medications safely.  Designed to be handed to patients when you write a prescription, the ACTIONsteps help to facilitate the conversation with your patient and serve as a reminder when they return home.

Click to download in PDF format.

Topics include:

  • How to safely start a new medication
  • How to fill and refill an opioid prescription
  • Facts about opioid medications
  • How to discuss opioids with your healthcare provider
  • Opioid medication and addiction
  • How to take, store and get rid of opioids
  • How to manage opioid side effects
  • How to deal with opioid emergencies
  • Your pain medications: Don’t mix & match
  • How to travel with opioids
  • Your role in managing migraines
  • Acetaminophen: Important Facts
  • Facts about extended-release/long-acting opioid medications
  • Alcohol and extended release opioid medications


To download the complete set of ACTIONsteps in PDF format, click http://go.inflexxion.com/pain-action-steps.