March 10, 2020

Developing Critical Thinking Skills

The ability to make good decisions quickly and to creatively solve problems is what sets some people apart. In fact, for many employers, it is often the most sought after skill set. We all encounter a high volume of information every day. How do we know what is most important or reliable? Though most credit their ability to think critically with their experiences in school, can we cultivate this capacity in our daily personal or professional lives? The answer is yes!

Join us for this interactive workshop where you will:
Increase your curiosity and open-mindedness
Learn how to quickly analyze and evaluate information
Learn how to better organize and apply your ideas

Karen Merrill, LCSW

Karen Merrill, LCSW is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker and has over twenty-five years of progressively responsible and diversified experience in the behavioral health field. She combines a background in Human Resources, counseling, training, coaching and EAP Account Management. She previously served as VP of Account Management of RBH and currently works as consultant in private practice.


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