September 08, 2020

Bullying: Awareness and Effective Response

This training will cover three key areas: Bring awareness of bullying in both the workplace and schools through identifying the signs and behavior; discuss the negative impact and effects; introduce strategies & steps to combat and prevent bullying. From pre-school to college, bullying has become an epidemic in the United States, and the consequences are dire – the humiliation that results from bullying has led to suicide in numerous cases, and even mild forms of bullying can markedly reduce self-esteem and school performance. Education of professionals and parents alike is essential to eliminate this tragic behavior.

Karen Merrill, LCSW

Karen Merrill, LCSW is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker and has over twenty-five years of progressively responsible and diversified experience in the behavioral health field. She combines a background in Human Resources, counseling, training, coaching and EAP Account Management. She previously served as VP of Account Management of RBH and currently works as consultant in private practice.

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