July 07, 2020

Understanding the Grieving Process: Tools for Coping with Loss

Life is full of changes. There are many types of losses that can cause us to grieve or to feel a sense of sadness or longing for what once was. Grief is not just our reaction to the death of a loved one – it may be our response to the loss of a job or friend, a marriage ending, a move, adult children leaving home or other life transitions. While there is no “wrong” way to grieve, there are healthy ways to cope that can be helpful when undergoing such stress and transition. With awareness and support, we can accept our new circumstances, find new meaning and move on.

In this discussion-based workshop you will learn:
• Common myths and facts about grief
• How to identify the physical and emotional symptoms of grief
• The difference between grief and depression and when professional help is needed
• To identify and choose healthy coping

Dr. Clare Steffen

Dr. Clare Steffen has worked in educational, clinical, medical, rehabilitation, and business settings.  In every setting, she approaches service delivery with empathy and intelligence.  She believes and promotes collaboration because is the best approach to working with people, because it empowers, and supports change.

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